Discover our range of cable management solutions for your desk. Instantly hide your cables, adapters & sockets with our inventive cable management solutions.


Why Cable Roo?

Cables, wires and adapters taking up too much space and looking unsightly under your desk or table?

Our simple solutions attach easily and provides a safe place for your cables. Now you can remove those tangling hazards and cable organise your desk in seconds!

Organise multiple plugs, adapters and wires effortlessly with our ultimate under desk cable management solution

Built from breathable mesh netting it's flexible enough to store all power supplies and plugs, as well as cables

Universally compatible with every standard desk. Secure with sticky pads or screws (both supplied)

Cable organise in seconds using the sticky pads provided or for metal desks or a stronger hold the included screws can self-tap into any wooden desk.

Easy cable tidying and adjusting courtesy of our mesh netting that enables easy access, unlike other more rigid solutions.

No need for any bulky and ugly metal cable cages that are impossible to get cables in out of.

This cable tidy solution installs in seconds and will work on any desk.

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