The Ultimate Cable Tidy - Installation Guide

Step 1

Using the 3M sticky pads on the retainers, affix to a clean area on the underside of your desk. For extra holding power on wooden desks use the self-tapping screws supplied.

The 3M sticky pads are super sticky, so make sure you are mounting it exactly where you want first time!

Step 2

Attach the elasticated corner & central loops to the round retainers by sliding them on on the side as shown. If needed the metal grip can be slid to tighten/loosen the loop.

Step 3

Place in all your cables, adapters, sockets & any other messy items into your newly installed net.

Step 4

Stand back and admire your new tidy desk, your work is done!

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Loving how tidy my office is with the cables all tucked away. I've got a hefty laptop power supply and the net is coping with it a treat I rolled up the extra long cables so it was all tidy inside and used the screw option for a more secure fixing to the underneath of my kitchen worktop.

No dangling cables or being tripped up!

Jason C

Birmingham, UK

Impressed it's still stuck on after a few weeks, not needed the screws, tidied my adapters out of sight perfectly.

Very happy with the service, arrived super quick.

Jason C

Leeds, UK

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